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Speed up Composer by using HHVM, including a SlowTimer error fix

As most of you know by now, Facebook has release an alternative PHP runtime called "HipHop Virtual Machine for PHP", also known as "hhvm".

There have been a lot of benchmarks showing that hhvm is a lot faster than the official runtime, but it does not have full feature parity to the official runtime.

While I won't advocate using hhvm in production yet, there is one area where hhvm will really improve the life of the PHP developer, and that's while running composer.

When working in large projects, with lots of dependencies, running a composer update is notoriously slow. Running

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Setting up my perfect dev environment on OSX 10.9 using Chef / Kitchenplan

A lot of people seem to be coming back to my blogpost about using Chef to setup my perfect developer environment. This means that I'm not the only one who values a clean install now and again, but do not want to spend days getting everything back into working order.

I've written in the past about Kitchenplan, a script that really improves the way I setup my perfect developer environment. Since that post a lot has happened, a new OSX version was released, a lot of people started contributing and the script has really matured due to the fact that

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Interesting frontend webdevelopment links from 2012/2013

So, what a year it has been. More than ever I feel like innovation in webdevelopment has soared like never before. One of the aspects of my job at Kunstmaan is to make sure our developers stay on top, and if possible, in front of these developments. To do this we have an internal mailinglist where we share a large amount of interesting links and insights.

While I'm very proud of the way my teams stay updated, at the same time I keep meeting developers who don't know Github, nor use Twitter, or have no real clue where the interesting

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